COVID Rules for restaurant

Hostme and Yext announce strategic partnership to help restaurant owners boost their online presence.

WASHINGTON, December xx, 2020 — Hostme and Yext, Inc. (NYSE: YEXT) today announced they have partnered to help restaurant owners take full control of their online presence.

Challenges under COVID19

State-by-state restaurant opening statuses

COVID Rules for restaurant

One of the leaders in the online reservation business is more foe than friend to restaurant owners.

As restaurants head into new waves of uncertainty with COVID-19 all over the globe, many are starting to lean more heavily on reservations to keep customers and staff safe, while making the most of the business they have coming in.

Challenges under COVID19

Useful Definitions

COVID Rules for restaurant

Winter is Coming

Restaurants have been hard hit during the Covid-19 pandemic, but the restaurants that have been able to shift and adapt to restrictions — and think outside the box —  to continue to serve customers have gotten through the summer.

Challenges under COVID19

The Unforeseen Challenges of the Restaurant Manager under COVID-19

Restaurant managers have all been dealing with the core problems COVID-19 has brought to us: increased cleaning and sanitizing processes, loss of customers, and many more. On top of those known problems, they have also faced unforeseen and sometimes puzzling challenges. We’ve taken a deep dive into some of these issues in an effort to help support restaurants, and to provide solutions when possible. Let’s take a look. 

COVID Rules for restaurant

Hostme and COVID-19 rules

Hostme can help restaurants adapt to new rules and regulations as they return to business following the Covid19 shutdown. Taking the time to make the right choices early is vital in maintaining the health and safety of staff and guests, and to continuing the forward momentum through the reopening process.

Adjusting to COVID19

Adjusting to COVID-19 Successfully

The restaurant world has been turned upside down by the rapid ramifications of COVID-19. How restaurants fare through this will depend largely on their ability to adapt to the new way of running a restaurant business.

Coming back better

Coming back better

The current crisis has thrown the industry a curveball, and many restaurants aren’t sure how to react. While this isn’t the kind of extra hours in the day we asked for, it can be an opportunity to come back better than before.

Reserve with Google

And then there was Google

Find out how "Reserve with Google" is dramatically changing the restaurant software landscape. From the outdated old reservation networks to fresh and accurate reviews, Google is set to revolutionize the business of restaurant reservations. 

Restaurant marketing trends 2020

Restaurant Marketing Trends for 2020

Social medias, online reviews and environmental responsibility are tools available in your toolbox to help you market your business. Learn more about how they can help you.

Guerilla marketing

Guerilla marketing tactics for the small (or not-so-small) restaurant owners

Little to no marketing budget? That's ok, with some creativity and effort, you can successfully promote your location to your community. 

Important facts

Important facts about your business your staff knows and you don't

Your staff knows some aspects of your restaurant that you might not. Learn about what they would do if there were in your shoes...

Digital transformation

What is Digital Transformation and Why Should You Care.

Fast changing technology landscape is affecting all industries, especially the restaurant industry. How to be prepared and embrace innovation...

Make your best employees stay

Make Your Best Employees Stay

Hiring and retaining a great staff has to be one of the greatest challenges for restaurant owners. Learn how to make them stay...

New technology rollout

Successfully Roll Out New Technologies in Your Restaurant!

Valentine's day reservations

Boost Your Reservations
on Valentine's Day!

For our industry, Valentine's day is synonym with very busy night and demanding guests. Follow those tips and deliver a memorable experience to them... 


Be SMART — There is More to Life than KPIs

There is much to learn from numbers but we have first to make sure we are looking at the right ones. 

Optimize restaurant reservations

How To Optimize Reservations for Your Restaurant

Optimize your reservation to increase occupancy, to better plan staff rotation and to get to know your guests.

Big Data

Making Big Data Work for Your Restaurant

This is a short guide to give you some pointers and hopefully get you started on this data journey.

Crack the code of restaurant reservations

Crack the Code of Restaurant Reservations

Get some statistics on restaurant reservations to help you build a winning reservation policy. 

Opentable game plan

OpenTable's game plan and how to cut your bill without losing customers

As a restaurant owner, you may be getting tired of how much you pay OpenTable every single month and you have probably noticed that the bill is getting bigger each time. There is a better way, Hostme. 

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