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1 – No more impatient guests

We know the scene all too well: We walk to a restaurant and see countless people, pagers in hands, waiting for a table. Our first gut reaction is to walk away, especially if we happen to have younger kids with the patience of a Beagle puppy. With Hostme, pagers are a thing of the past. Restaurant guests give their name and phone number, and not only do they get a pretty decent estimation of the wait but, more importantly, they are given back their freedom – freedom to walk to a nearby park with the kids, or to shop for few more minutes before it’s their turn to dine.

2 – No more lost reservations

Mistakes happen: we lose track of reservations, someone calls in the middle of a busy shift or while the kitchen is on fire and, though we promised ourselves that we would write down the reservation as soon as we got a minute, it didn’t happen. With Hostme, not only can guests book online, if they call, it also takes no time to enter their request while they are on the phone. Even if you are at home when they call, you can still access the system from your phone and capture that reservation.

3 – No more anaphylactic shock

Your guests only need to tell you once about their allergies and that information will be captured in their profile. The next time they visit your restaurant, you will know right away – before they even set a foot in your place – what you should avoid serving to them. Other information can also be captured, such as their special requests or their birthday, and you can make them feel like part of the family – or at least valued guests – every time they dine at your restaurant.

4 – No more jealous waiters

Hostme can help distribute tables between your waiters in a fairer, more equal way. Hostme has an algorithm that, based on your preferences, lets you know who should be assigned the next party. Sure, they will always be jealous of Susie’s cute smile that gets her more tips, but at least they won’t be able to blame you anymore.

5 – No more chaos on your restaurant floor

I remember the time when we had a reservation for 12 and they had to block two tables of six – just not in the same room. After some rearrangement, they managed to squeeze us between the kitchen and a post. We made the best of it, but the experience didn’t leave us very impressed by the place. Managing your restaurant floor can sometimes require some serious Tetris-like skills, and when you’re doing so on a piece of paper, it demands a miracle for it to happen seamlessly, every day, busy weekends included. It doesn’t have to be that difficult. With Hostme, reservations are assigned tables and – in one quick glance – you can see the flow for the day, when you will be busy, and you can rearrange the floor to best fit the requests of the day.

To learn more about Hostme, give us a call at 703 953 0999. Even better, you can sign up and see for yourself – it’s free.

by Marylise Fabro

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