Take control with Hostme's restaurant reservation system

Hostme system reservation dashboard helps to monitor table availability and number of booked covers by the shift on the selected date.


Accelerate staff training, improve host efficiency and maximize seat utilization.

Flexible Reservation Options

Take reservations from your website, your social profiles or over the phone.

Easy Communications with Diners

Never lose touch with your waiting customers by texting updates.

Goodbye to old-style reservations!

Managing your tables has never been easier thanks to Hostme’s revolutionary restaurant reservations software. With a tap of a touchscreen, your front-of-house staff is in total control of both your reservations list and your waitlist.

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Ease-of-Use and Flexibility

Powerful reservation system in the palm of your hand.

Easily customize

Using a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can easily create a floor map.

Anytime + Anywhere

Offer online reservation 24/7 from your website or your so­cial profile. Set up in minutes.

Reduce no-shows

Request reservation deposits or charge cancellation fees to eliminate costly no-shows.

Stop juggling two lists

Everything in one place to streamline the host’s job, and increase table utilization.

Know your business

Expansive reports about your reservations rate and trends to help you with your restaurant’s operations.

Put your guests first

Learn their habits, capture valuable information to wow them each and every time they visit.

Delight your customers with flexible reservation options and an easier way of communicating with you!

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Easier communications with diners

Customize reservation reminders to confirm date, time, and size of party
SMS or in-app messaging options allow your guests to explore the neighbor­hood while they wait for table
Diners can contact you about delays while they’re en route to your restaurant
Customers can easily add a special request to their reservation

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No setup fees. No cover fees. No contract.
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Run Hostme on any phone, tablet, PC or Mac.