Take your waitlist to the next level and give your guests their freedom back

Hostme system reservation dashboard helps to monitor table availability and number of booked covers by the shift on the selected date.

Let Hostme improve your restaurant’s waitlist experience

We all love to go out and try new restaurants, but a long waitlist can ruin a dining experience before the first bite. Don’t let the inefficiencies of old-style waitlist methods create both disgruntled diners and frustrated staff at your restaurant.

Hostme’s waitlist management tools streamline your front-of-house operations, allowing your host to seat parties faster, without trapping guests in a crowded waiting area.

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Give diners an experience that will keep them coming back

Whether it’s their first time at your restaurant, or if they’re regulars, your diners will actually enjoy their waitlist experience when your restaurant uses Hostme.

Freedom to move

Diners are free to run errands while they wait.

Easy notifications

With one click, your host can send an SMS to let diners know when their table is ready.

Get in line on-the-go

Your diners can get in line while they’re en route to your restaurant.

Ability to skip a turn

Diners will appreciate the ability to skip a turn and let someone ahead of them in line if they’re running late.

Rewards for waiting

Restaurant loyalty program members can even be rewarded for waiting, if they experience long wait times for a table.

No more list-juggling

Hostme puts everything in one place to streamline your host’s job, automatically inserting reservations into the waitlist at the appropriate time.

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